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Model search....
To date we have cast over forty two models. We have been fortunate to have many brave women who have had mastectomies come to model. The process, which takes about an hour or so, involves smearing the body with petroleum jelly and then applying strips of plaster casting material directly onto the skin. As quickly as the material stiffens and dries, it is carefully removed to create the mold. The model is then sent to the shower! That petroleum jelly is gooey stuff! Aside from having to scrub down afterwards, the least comfortable aspects of modeling are having to hold very still for an hour and having your eyes and face covered with the thin layer of casting material strips. The material is very lightweight, however, and doesn't feel too constricting.
The casting is being done in Central New Jersey. If you or anyone you know of who lives in the New York, New Jersey, or east Pennsylvania area are interested in modeling for Lila's Breast, please contact us via our email connection. Even if you have not had a mastectomy, you can model. Also, we want the project to represent women of all shapes, ages (eighteen and up,) sizes, and ethnicity. Breast cancer does not discriminate-neither do we.
What's needed now....
Lila's Breast is looking for a space in which to exhibit the entire collection of 42 sculptures. We would especially want to be exhibiting the collection during October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pieces are free standing, life-sized torsos that need to be viewed from the front.
This collection honors and celebrates women who have endured mastectomies. It counters the imagery of womanhood that says a single-breasted woman is less than whole. What's more important, perhaps, is to have the sculptures speak to us as a society that has accepted mastectomy as the answer to breast cancer. One out of every nine women now faces this possibility. If mastectomy is the answer, then perhaps we are asking the wrong questions-and in becoming aware of that, perhaps the questions that lead to the cause and ultimate cure of breast cancer will be discovered.
If your organization is willing to host this exhibit, please contact Ann Hutton at 973.584.6371 or email Thank you for your consideration of this project.


June 2, 2000

June 2, 2000 found Team Lila's Breast at the Relay for Life sponsored by the Pennington Athletic Club in Pennington, New Jersey. The event was a 15 hour-long relay walk around a luminary-lined track. The "all-nighter" was filled with games and music, only interrupted by a ripping storm around 8:00 p.m. Over 55 teams of walkers collected nearly $125,000 for the American Cancer Society that night.

The greatest surprise for Team Lila's Breast came during the closing ceremonies the next morning when we were awarded "Best Cancer Theme." Dressed in hand-painted pink tees, we had decorated our tent site and canopy with 42 pink balloons. Two finished sculptures were displayed in front, and had begun to attract quite a lot of attention from the other participants until thrashing rain forced us to rush the pieces into safety. The canopy buckled and broke, and all our festive decorations came down. We completed the event from a soggy tent and a few lawn chairs. So, the award came as a pleasant acknowledgement of our efforts and of the impact that these beautiful sculptures elicit. We want to thank everyone who contributed to the American Cancer Society through Team Lila's Breast, as well as the friends and family whose energy went into making this a successful event.

October through November, 2000

During the run of the play "Wit" at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a dozen of our sculptures were on display in the lobby and cabaret. Our thanks to George Ryan and staff for inviting us to exhibit there, and for all the support and acknowledgement they extended to us. Having the opportunity to show Lila's Breast to the thousands of playgoers was invaluable exposure.

We were also invited to exhibit five pieces at the Franklin Lakes Presbyterian Church during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was an honor to show the beauty and drama of the sculptures to the families of this gracious congregation.

September 23, 2000

An art exhibit, Tribute to One in Nine, and lecture on women's health issues was held at St. Peter's University Hospital CARE Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Lila's Breast exhibited two sculptures at this event. In addition to viewing the works of over 30 artists, attendees heard lectures on breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy. This entire exhibit was then transferred to the Jacob Swerdlow Gallery in Bound Brook, New Jersey. Mr. Swerdlow held a successful opening on October 1st where the two sculptures from our collection attracted lots of attention. Tribute to One in Nine was housed at the Gallery for the whole month of October.

October 15, 2000

Nancy Graf, owner of the Woman's Health Boutique in Metuchen, New Jersey hosted a reception for the project. Twenty-five sculptures from the collection were exhibited. Nancy's commitment to the project, and to all women who have experienced breast cancer, was exemplified by her generous hospitality at this event. She made it possible for countless people to view the sculptures, as she kept them on display during the month of October.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following benefactors who have contributed money, materials, and support to Lila's Breast. Without your generosity, we'd still be in the studio stirring paint and wondering what to do next!
Chris Shipley, Dr. James C. Ricketti, Lysander E. Canlas, Nancy Graf at Women's Health Boutique in Metuchen, New Jersey, Sandy Zydzik, Harold Shapiro at Meyer's Toys in Edison, New Jersey, Louis Harrison, Lisa Lorenzo, George Ryan from the George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Carol Mainardi at the Franklin Lakes Presbyterian Church, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.
And of course, we applaud and thank all the models who have contributed their likenesses for this project. Knowing and working with you all has been a true gift!
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